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...pessimistically optimistic...

5th March, 2005. 12:51 am. RADIOOOO...

radio is an awesome movie.  damn i love it. 


jeezaloo neglected this thing for  along ass time.  alright well.... I HATE THAT FUCKING SON OF A GUN BITCH FOB LADY KIM SHAEFFER i want to slice her fobbish head off with a machetti. 



ha yeah..that's the school version.  oh and condiff is screwy and makes us RUN in the RAIN and PLAY in the SUN.  crazy.  umm  gyeahhhh.


"where my pie?"  CG jr.

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10th January, 2005. 7:26 pm. RAIN ON ME...

goddamn haven't did a thingy in a while. since the 4th. anyways, today was a RAIN DAY YAY. and i got to play in it with marissa!! damn her she got me all wet. haha but it was super fun. i LOVE RAIN. and umm i think we're desigining/geting these sweatshirts for tennis. it's a bitch that they have hawaiian turtles and flowers all over it...=/ whatever.. gooo team. anyways, goddamn today's a monday, what a loon. that sucks. i watched TROY. a lot.

yesterday was pretty much movie day, saw top gun, twister, tomb raider, rainmaker, drumline, and a few more. just movies movies movies. friday walked to the mall after it stopped raining, then went to claire's and saw troy and the danicng part of napoleon dynamite pretty funny, ash is really good at it. hilarius. anywyas, then umm on

saturday didn't do much, more movies, then finally left the house at 3 and did errands with my mom, costco, etc. got some stuff from old navy, haha i almost typed "oldy nav". oopsies. umm then went to TGIF with my parents. damn i hate how they give the virgin drinks in these ugly ass regular cups and then the pretty margaritas and crap are in the nice ass champagne glasses. SUCKS. umm had this relaly good pasta. then went home and i don't remember what i ddi, perhaps more movies?

today it RAINED. rain rain rain rain. took huy home. went to food 4 less after school and stocked UP. those sobe drinks are good. umm what elseee. i am COMPLETELY SCREWWED in math, buggarr. i HATE IT. don't understnad a damn thing. ick i got a 67% on that St. Dev. quiz, and then a SCREWY 7/20 on those DAMNED PROBLEMS OF THE WEEK. BUGGAR. i hate them. anywyas, yeahh today was pretty much RAINY DAY!! =]. left around 5 and went home. yeahh now i'm here, ate a GRIP!! and yaehhh. had a grip of fun with mar and jules we went all around the school looking for a bathroom and hot cheetos [great combo eh?] and uhh played in the RAINNN. hah fun fun fun. oh yeahh...

i made a new screen name [yet again] -hopefully the last. XcrimsonbladesX and it' snot because i'm bloody or gorry like that, it's just because i love crimson and in troy they had swords which have blades.

alrigt gota go study my ass off for that screwy test tomorrow. LA'AZZ

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4th January, 2005. 7:02 pm. YESSSS TROYYY!!!!!!

yess TROY!!!  yesss!!!! 

hmm yesterday...i was sittin gon my bed hunched over doing hw and wahtever for like 5 hours!!! and added pix to my photo album, and re-did the thing on the bag, and fregging math hw which is so effing confusing.  that sort of shit.  anyways, then [YESSS MY DAD GOT TROY!!!] nice nice nice nice.  [and FRIENDS is on!].  haha anyways, thennn yesterday i fell asleep reading about Amerigo Vespucci and the africans around 130.  ---ooh and yestedaya we did absoultey nothing in tennis! and condiff was nice, we just atalked the whole time. 

and this morning i woke up all groggy and didn't even hear my alarm go off the first 2 times.  then got up, IT DIDNT EVEN FREGGIN RAIN TODAY.  gross.  andd had a history test, spanish was so effing boring, ummm yahh north's soup is really good.  strange.  anywaysss, yeahh hit in tennis.  same ol' same ol'.  now i'm bored and watching the Friends episode where Phoebe cut Monica's hair, and chandler gets his pants done by joey's tailor!!! HAHAHA!  umm yeahh.  nothing else BYE . 

ohhh and  i asked

Current mood: mellow.

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2nd January, 2005. 12:52 pm. [the weather is FANTASTIC!] damn, have to wake up EARLY tomorrow. p

yeahh well sucks, school is TOMORROW...[ha matt i'm bitching about how the break has come to an end]  anyways, i have to re-study all those ionic species ions crap for a 100 pt quiz in 5 MINUTES tomorrow.  eek.  and read like 70 pages of  the catcher in the rye, which sucks because i FORGOT the whole book....ah well a last resort is always sparknotes, pinkmonkey, etc.  hmm.  yesterday for new year's i just went to my aunt's huge ass celebrity style house around 2.  ate all this really good sushi stuff.  and umm they had mangos! i love mangos.  ha and then we had this little 5 or 6 person poker game, $5 buy in, DAMNIT i lost.  haha i get the shittiest cards EVERRR.  i was watching some dude named antonio soemthing from the WPT and damn he is good.  and taht other phil guy he was up against was a complete idiot.  reminded me of my uncle jon [owener of that huge ass house], or steve [from the itialian job--good ass movie], yeahhh.  anyways, then left around 6 or so, came home.  looked at pictures i had developed, vaccuumed, THENN, umm i watched the rest of Pulp Fiction with jen, and then saw that princess diaries movie with my mom, can't beleive i watched that, chick flick..., anyways, then i fell asleep watching something but i can't remember what, oh yeahh that nemo movie, kidd movie, uhhh damn i want to see blow again, that's an awesome movie, and GUESS WHAT!!!!....TROY comes out this TUESDAY january 4TH!!!!!  yeahhh!! staci i know you're excited too! =].  hah that's awesome.  okay umm yeah then yesterday i fell asleep on the couch.  ha alright and today i have to STUDY MY ASS OFFFF!!!  and READDD!!! ahah hopefully i can stick to it, so if you guys see me online w.o an away message IM ME and tell me to get my ASS back to work!  hah alright later.

Current mood: ahh my foot is asleep!!.

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1st January, 2005. 1:32 am. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 05!

well today was fun!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

today i woke up around 1045.  helped clean stuff for my family [they came over at 530]....and umm i busted out the sewing machine .  then i umm started making this hobo bag at 1 pm - 530 pm.  so that was 4 hours of body work.  haha.  YAY.  i finished it.  =].  but i also broke the sewing machine on accident because i broke the needle, good thing it didn't shoot out int omy eye.  [i think that's my biggest fear, that something is going to paper cut my eye or shoot through my eye...all has something to do with my eye]...anyways, umm after i broke the sewing machine i finished up the hand-part of the hobo bag, my creation...Collapse ) then my family came over, and we ate lots of food.  we had umm LOTS of food.  then afterwards i tried some jack daniels and coke, and then kahlua and cream.  it was alright.  my cousin drank it straight...err..."neat" ha, alky lingo.  anyways, they left around 10 and then i went to clarissa's house to meet up with everyone.  it was pretty cool.  some people were so funny!.  and crazy.  then happy new year!!! aww clarissa is so cute!  anyways, got a ride from trish and we all left before 1.  now i'm home..watching collateral. or what's left of it

yesterday could've been a complete disaster, had that whole family lunch thing, just the immediate family.  wahtever..coudl've tourned out terrible, but it was all okay, we ate at rice things.  and it was pretty good.  then went home, don't really remember what i did.  showered and thunk up my hobo bag idea umm yeah and i slept around 2 i think.  yeahh yesterday was't really eventful. 

hmm well HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 04 was great and 05 should be a BLAST!!! 


Current mood: sleepy.

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30th December, 2004. 1:24 am. entry again...crimson and black, black and crimson..

alright new entry... i had the TRIPPIEST dream. i was with 2 different people. go into detail later. anyways, [[today wednesday the 29th ]]clarissa woke me up from my dream!  umm and yeah.  so i woke up around 1230.  did whatever.  ate.  then around 5 i think i went to the wrestling tourny at north.  met up with claire, sarah, tiff, and ash.  watched that for a while.  saw drew.  saw shane.  GOOD JOB SHANE.  he kicked ass 20 - 5.  he's a monsterr.  and they're wrestling tomorrow too, but i don't think i'm going to be able to go to that. then umm after shane wrestled around 730 sarah tiff and andie went to sarah's house.  and me and ash just waited around.  walked down the freaky ass halls of north high at night.  to get hot cheetos.  then umm yeahh ryan came and took us to sarah's.  [thanks ryan!!!]  then we ate and chilled and then tiff's mom took us home.  sooo that was basically my day.  i also watched that awful news about the tsunami 1/2 way across the world.  DONATE!! help them, they lost everything.  really terrible that it happened during the holidays, news said about 80,000 people lost their lives.  and a grip of them were tourists.  so that sucks even more, you expect to have a nice vacation on the beach and instead you end up in a body bag.  awful.  ---

umm yeah so yesterday [tuesday dec. 28th]] was cool.  had the girls over for the night [shh] woke up around 11 or 12.  me and ash slept in the back room.  got up, ate.  umm andie left earlier i think.  uhh wow yesterday did a lot of stuff.  clarissa went home,  then ash went with her?  ...i think...  so it was me sarah and nikki here, shane came, then nikki left.  and me and sarah and daniel and shane went to go get clarissa,  got her, came back to my house,  umm [IT WAS RAINING TOO]... so then me claire sarah shane and daniel went to shane's house.  played pool.  watched initial D, which i am now interested in.  pretty interesting, at first i thought [wow this is lame, a cartoon car show]..but now i want to see what happens to that takumi kid in the race vs.  the red suns.  haha!  and i know what drifting! is now too.  ferakish.  so shane umm took us home in his huge ass car in the rain.  around 5.  then claire and sarah left.  and i umm.  just did whatever until like 830.  B called and then sum chace B and i went to see that a series of unfortunate events movie at 945  it was so sad! those poor kids.  weird movie.  then umm me and B played in the rain. it was so freggin COLD but the rain looked awesome and the huge ass parking lot was empty.  then chace's mom took us home.  that was the best, i love rain.  got home around 12, showered, and slept. 

umm yeahh back to that day i left off on.  yeahh at nikki's house we just played poker, used nikki's cool voice thing, umm yeahh then we walked to my house around whatever time.  it was raining HARD right after we got inside, perfect timing.  then yeahh.  we just chilled. had fun as usual.  i know i drifted off to sleep, then woke up around 5 and went to sleep.  alright i'm tired now.  later. 

Current mood: pensive.

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28th December, 2004. 7:57 pm. hmmm...tanner and bourke. [i swear i updated this yesterday but i guess it got lost.] =/

anyways, haven't updated since like 5 days ago apprently. 

my christmas was pretty cool.  woke up from JEN.  that crazy monster.  opened presents, made breakfast, don't remember much, went to my grandma's house for dinner.  had a poker family party. 

day after christmas [26th] woke up around 730 and went after christmas shopping with my dad at robinson's may.  almost got this chip wrack, but didn't cuz this $10 coupon expired.  sooo we went umm i forget.  but i DO remember that later that day ash i went on the roof with my dad and watched him tar up the holes.  picked me up and we went to the galleria and saw [daniel came later] meet the fockers which is a really good movie.  then we saw ocean's 12.  which is EXTREMELY confusing.  i did not understnad that.  then when it got out it was like 10 i think, and we walked to get daniel's bike, tried riding it with 3 of us, me on the back things, and ash on the handle bar, then flip flop, but it didn't work out to well.  so me and ash walked to carl's jr. and daniel biked.  while we were going we saw this huge mob of black people in a deserted parking lot,  freakish, slightly scary at ngiht since they were all around one huge circle.  anyways, got carl's jr.  then dan's mom got us and i went home.  talked to matt for a hella long time.  DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT THE GRUDGE [or any scary movie for that matter] late at night.!

[the 27th] umm i had an eye doctor appointment at 1030.  YAY i don't need glasses.  but the lady scared the crap out of me by saying "would you consider wearing contacts?"....why would she ask that if it wasn't leading somewhere?  no idea.  anywyas...i asked not to get that ouff of air glaucoma test because i get so scared that the pressure in my eye goes off the charts.  so i got this thing instead where he drops this numbing thing in my eye and looks at it that way. much better.  anyways, so my glaucoma reading was 14 this time.  then i went with my mom to costco where we got gas, and EWWW.  this old man white hill billy bastard looked at me and waved one finger as if to say "no no no" and then smiled.  that is the most disgusting thing ever, and i wanted to flick that bastard off so bad but my mom was all "don't cause trouble"  gross.  if that ever happens to my kid i give them permission to flick that bastard off.  gross.  anyways, then went back home.  and at 2 pm my parents left for temecula. =] so i was FREE.  haha.  and umm what happened, i showered, then walked to nikki's around 2, then we played poker, watched FRIENDS, ate pizza.  then umm sarah, andie, claire, got there.  [wow it's raining HARD!!!]


------------------wow that was a long as break it's like 1:35 am now, went to see [a series of unfortunate events]...

anyways back to the update... well actually i'm tired.  i'll update tomorrow. 

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23rd December, 2004. 12:48 am. a day on the town...

[yesterday] yeahh so today and yesterday i did a lot of NOTHING.  yesterday i really didn't do anything, woke up, was sore, cleaned up the house.  showered, not much, fell asleep around 3 after i watched what a girl wants fyi [amanda bynes has really round eyes, but kelly preston (john travolta's wife)] is effing gorgeous.  then i watched a tad of die another day then fell asleep around 3?  i really like madonna's remix song of "die another day" i guess i'll die, another day... i love it. 

todayyy i woke up around 11.  walked around, no one was there, then i noticed my dad shaved his mustache off!! he looks so flippin different.  it's crazy.  hasn't been cleanly shaved since he was 20, and now like 26 years later, BAM baldness.  haha umm so i ate honey bunches of oats =] and then ummm, my dad took me to clarissa's house around 12, got there, scared ashley and claire.  then we just talked and waited for andie then andie got there, and we decided to walk to quizno's so we walked down western, until artesiathen we ate at quizno's [turkey bacon guacamole (my old nickname)] yum then we walked back.  that killed a lot of time.  man clarissa's FREAKISH BATHRROM is the scarriest shit EVER.  the curtains are closed, and you can't see behind it, what if the GRUDGE was behind there?  anyways, one time when i was coming out of the bathroom, ashley and andie scared the crap out of me and i literally JUMPED into the air and screamed  that was the scarriest thing everrrr.  then we made spam musibi and ate that.  nikki got there around 7 or 8.  then we ate, and talked about stuff.  yeahh there are a lot of racist people out there. Collapse )      yeah that was a big part of our discussion and uhh yeah.  we also had another one of those "come clean and get everything in the open sort of talks again.  those are pretty fun an relieving, except this time it might've hurt some people.  DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT GUYS!!! you don't  have to change to be our friend, and you are not! a bitch!!!  soooo yeahhh that was basically it,  and then umm i left clarissa's at 12.  got home.  yeahhh alright laterrrr!!!

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21st December, 2004. 3:52 pm. WOW lots of fun...

wow i haven't update in uhhh since friday i think. 

[friday] walked to the mall after school with clarissa to get ash's secret santa present... and then andie met up with us in pac sun, then nikki in the food court, but being dumb i invited andie w.o thinking [because nikki had andie], soo SOOO EFFING SORRY NIKKI!!!!!! =0  anyways, ate orange chicken then uhhh i got ash blue lacy vans, checkered beanie, and bum gloves.  umm then i got jen this victorias secret perfume set.   then umm i had to go so i took andie and clarissa home, then i went with my parents to balboa island  down in newport beach so that was cool.  jen was supposed to come but i think she went out with ryan instead, so that screwed up the "family" night.  anyways, we watched this boat parade where people with lights and the holdiay spirit all get together and watch the boats go around, that was cool.  then we went to umm this robinson's may at south coast plaza and my parents smelled this cologne stuff and wathever.  i thik they bought a blender? not to sure i was super tired.  on the way back home we got starrbucks pumpkin spice frappucino's are super good, so after that i was COMPLETELY awake.  talked to aeon while i was awake and umm i think i slept at 2 or something. 

[saturday] i showered, then uhhmm i remember i was uber pissed still.  [fyi not anymore-as andie says "you guys love to hate each other" guess so?]  umm yeah showered, made hawaiian chile umm then got ready, went to andie's house at 5 i think, ash and trish were there.  soo umm claire and sarah got there at the same time i think, so teh first part of the night was just waiting, a little rocky, a lot rocky actually.  umm i don't really remeber waht happend, we wathced movies, then i remember sarah, me, stacey, and tiff were in andie's room getting our grooves on lol.  and umm then we went out, ate food, took pix, that sort of stuff.  ohhh yeah.  we all walked to clarissa's house to get her clothes and stuff, then umm we walked back at like 945.  woweee that was fun.  umm then we got to andie's house, just waited and whatever, i think we went in andie's room after clarissa's house tho  oh well.  umm yeah ...then around 1 or 2 or soemthing we had FUN.  that was the beste verrr. 

here's the lines of the night...

[clarissa] - "someone STOLE my backpack, they stole my backpack!"  [walks out into the street to tell other people that someone stole her backpack] lmfao

------"my sandwich, MY SANDWICH!"

[andie] - "then get febreeze!!" [sprays it around the room]

[nikki] - "I LOVE YOU!" [punches people in the @*&$*)]   -what did the ghost say to the bee? *BOO BEE!

[sarah] - BLAHHHHHHH!

[me]- "come on bitch! let's go! haha


wow that was a LOT OF FUN...oh yeah andie also said "hey @#&O take a picture with me!" haha  

party pics 12/18-19/04Collapse )

[ sunday ] - anyways, we finally got tired around umm like 4 or 5.  slept, woke up at 830!!!!....ate, then i fel lasleep again at like 11-1.  we walked to Ted's store, got ice cream, it was so freggin hot! then umm around 330 i went home. then at like 4 or 5 i went to my grandma's house for "dumpling day" haha sooo i was there, then napped and skipped eating with everyone, then i woke around 7 or so and ate then.  umm got home around 930... then my dad dropped off my uncle, waited for him to get back, tried to take this DAMN FAMILY PICTURE...but here's what went wrong, 1} jen fell asleep, 2] my parents old friends dropped by and chatted for a while, 3]just as we were about to take the damn picture, the LIGHTS WENT OFF behind us because it was too late, 4] we finaly took the picture, and i was going to go shower, when we got called back again because the settings on the camera were wrong...then FINALLY we took the damn pictures and i showered and got ready.   then i went to ash's and slept. 

[monday] -had a grip of fun...left at 7am , got home at 8.  wow lots of fun =]. 

[tuesday] - today....i am super sore now...my ass hurts...arms the whole shebang.  but had a grip of fun!! and now i have to clean uppp....!!!! 

Current mood: sore.

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this is sooooo pretty.

BEAUTIFUL.... talking to aeon about shoes...pretty tired... i'll update my day later. pretty damn pissed at ONE PERSON.  lump of coal.  later.

Current mood: content.

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